Information Security

It's more than just technology.


A key element to your security is your people. The more they know about the threats, how to spot them and what to do in the event of a breach the more secure you'll be.

Senior & Board Awareness

Awareness & recognition from the top is the first step in protecting your business, after all it's, your reputation on the line.

  • Technological threats

  • Human threats

  • Understanding about protection

  • Road map to security

  • Understand your legal obligations

Security Culture

Enhancing the culture in your business, to be conscious and focused on the risks, enables you to spot them before they happen.

  • Starters and leavers

  • Communication

  • Secure IT controls

  • Review and improve

Staff Training

Now your know the risks, your team should too. Enable them to make the right choices at work and at home to protect your business.

  • Train staff to spot the risks

  • Refresher training & sign off

  • Form part of the review process

  • Induction - get it right from the start

Bench Marking & Gap Analysis

The starting point in knowing where you are versus where you want to be. After all, you need to know where your weaknesses are and what your protecting.

  • Know where all your information is

  • Identify what needs to be secure and how

  • A clear picture of the risks

  • Provides structure to your journey


Only knowing the risks to your business, where they come from, what your appetite to risk is, can you protect it properly.

Risk Awareness & Management

You can't protect what you don't know exists or know where it is or who has access to it. Know your information assets and carry out a risk assessment.

  • Risk register

  • Asset inventory

  • Risk criteria

  • Risk assessment

  • Risk treatment

Policy & Process

No point in having great IT security if you don't have any policies and processes in place to support what your trying to achieve.

  • Security policies

  • HR policies with security at the heart

  • Support IT Security

  • Everyone knows their obligations

  • Enabler to business goal delivery

3rd Party Relationships

How 3rd parties you work with manage your information can have a huge impact on your brand. It's your reputation in their hands, make sure your happy with how they handle it.

  • Data Protection Obligations

  • Their information security

  • T&C, contractual obligations

  • 3rd party audits

Standards & Accreditations

For some, having an accreditation, recognised for the lengths they have gone to in order to protect their information is important. Are you one of those firms.

  • ISO27001

  • Cyber Essentials

  • Compliance strategy

  • Enhanced brand

  • Sales enabler


Pseudo Information Security Officer

Staying on top of your information security, abreast of the latest threats to your information is vital. Sometimes you may need some help with that. This is were i-Secured come in.

  • Internal audit

  • Training and awareness

  • Board support on information security and data protection

  • New threat mitigation

  • Business change,accreditation and integration

Continual Training For Your Business

Chances are, as your business prospers you will want your security to grow as your business does. It's important that your new starters are as well equipped as your existing team.

  • Bespoke induction training

  • Refresher programs

  • Improve awareness to the threats

  • Protect your business

  • Legal compliance

Audits & Accreditation Management

Internal compliance or preparing for certification, knowing where you stand and how your information security objectives are being met is vital for it's success and improvement.

  • Organise audit plan

  • Manage the audit process

  • Impartiality

  • Support the improvement process

Review & Improve

Consistently understanding how secure you are, the changes to the threat landscape and how they affect your business are the key to your success and improvement. i-Secured can help with that also.

Business Continuity

Having a well thought out and practiced plan for when the inevitable happens is a sure fire way to limit the damage and keep the business functioning with minimal impact of clients.

Data Protection

We all have data protection obligations and failure to meet your obligations is not an option with huge fines, negative publicity and your reputation at stake. i-Secured can help you with your obligations.

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