Data Protection

Understanding Your Obligations

Assuming Your Business Holds Personal Information, Employees or Otherwise You Must Comply With The Data Protection Act

Pseudo Data Protection Officer

You all have businesses to run and some of you may not have the time, inclination or internal resource to sufficiently satisfy your obligations. This is where we come in.

  • Carry out yearly data protection audits to identify weaknesses, non-compliance areas and provide improvement measures

  • Carry out data protection training for your team

  • Information security, not just for personal data but for all your business

  • Ensure all your documents are compliant, up to date and fit for purpose

  • Helpline during working hours

  • Notification of changes to legislation and adjustment to process and policy should it be required

Keeping Privacy At The Heart Of What You Do, Keeps You Compliant And Everyone Happy

Privacy Impact Assessment

As businesses introduce new processes and policies, projects were personal information is used its vital that privacy risks have been identified along with any foreseen problems anticipated and solutions suggested, giving your business confidence your meeting your Data Protection obligations.

  • Map out information flows

  • Know the risks and how to overcome them

  • Deliver a compliant process

  • Assurance for those who's data you hold

  • Avoid unnecessary costs

The Starting Point For Any Organisation To Know Where They Are Following Good Data Protection Practices, Meeting Their Legal Obligations

Data Protection Audit

  • Manual and electronic records

  • Data sharing

  • 3rd parties

  • Information Security

  • Data Retention

  • Employee records and Data Protection

  • Website review


Data Protection Strategy

Current Position

Understand the current position of your business with regards to data protection, compliance, risk position and tolerance to that risk. Essentially know if your compliant


Know if your meeting your Data Protection obligations and if not put steps in place to improve your position, providing assurance to those who's data you hold and keeping potential fines away from your door.


i-Secured can do as much or as little as you want, typically this covers:

  • Planning

  • 3rd party relationships

  • Policies and documents

  • Training

  • Information security

  • Design of processes

Put into Action

A data breach can be expensive in terms of fines, lost business and down time. Could your finances withstand such a loss?

Make Sure It Works

What ever you do its important that it works, fit for purpose, meets your obligations and gives assurances to all concerned.

Monitoring and adjusting if necessary is an essential part of your ongoing compliance.


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