Case Study – Recruitment

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i-Secured had been introduced to a small recruitment firm of 11 employees by an existing client who was following our advice and the plan we set by reviewing their supply chain.

The recruitment firm recognized they needed to do something in readiness for the change in data protection law but didn’t know exactly what or where to begin.

The firm had been running and growing at a good rate the past 4 years with aggressive growth plans for the future. Despite this growth the firm was still primitive in its internal processing, what data was captured and had been operating a tick box approach with templates that did not represent either their business or a recruitment firm.

What were we asked to do?

Initially we were asked to carry out a gap analysis, identifying where they are versus where they should be both in terms of documentation, working practices, understanding and how this should be communicated to candidates and clients.

What we found – key points

  • As if data protection doesn’t exist.
  • An abundance of unnecessary personal data processed
  • No thought to legal condition for processing and in many cases what was being processed was unlawful
  • Full access to all personal data by everyone in the business irrespective of position or necessity
  • A data protection policy which didn’t represent the business and wasn’t adhered to.
  • No internal processes
  • A huge amount of paper used and not put away or shredded, left on desk in piles.

The biggest challenge

Culture was the biggest thing. Two leaders of the business on different pages, one that didn’t see the issues or necessity to change and another that recognized that getting data protection right supported growth, is the right thing to do and a legal necessity.

The outcome

In order for the business to continue its excellent growth they recognised that they would have to go from taking a tick box approach to one of doing the right things for the right reasons, being transparent with it and having sufficient internal workings to deliver what is required and more importantly support candidates in understanding what is done with their data.

At a follow-up meeting several weeks later they had understood that they needed additional specialist help to get the business where it needed to be in terms of approach, ways of working, culture and documentation.  They didn’t have the time or knowledge to do everything and have asked i-Secured to support and guide the process.

As it stands the biggest challenge has been overcome and the entire business in on the right path in terms of their engagement and a recognition that if it’s done right it will help the business not hinder it.