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Your reputation, your clients, hard to earn and easy to loose. It's important to your stakeholders to protect both. Our services give you and your stakeholders confidence that you have done everything in your power to protect your reputation, your clients and your business.

Our approach is jargon free, non-technical, clear, simple and easy to understand real world practical solutions.

What's Important To You

Your Reputation

The reputation you've spent years building, a reputation you can be proud of can be lost very quickly following a data breach. Don't let it happen to you

Your Business

Your business is growing and you have big plans for the future, meeting your legal obligations should be a vital component of your growth

Your Clients

Hard to win, even harder to keep hold of. Do you think they would continue to do business with you if you didn't handle their data securely?

Your Finances

A data breach will be expensive in more ways than one, could your finances withstand such a loss

What's The Solution

Information Security

Your information has a value, both commercial and otherwise, protecting it, is protecting your business and its future.

Protection is about more than just IT, it encompasses people, policies, process, business continuity and more.

Data Protection

Most, if not all businesses hold some form of personal information and as a result have to comply with the Data Protection Act and soon to be General Data Protection Regulation. Meeting your legal obligations is a crucial part of your businesses future.



Information Security

Understanding The Risks

Road Map To Improvement

Awareness & Training


Understanding the value of your information and the risks they face is the starting point to understanding the protection required. Education is the key.

Security doesn't just happen overnight and only by planning the journey can you successfully navigate your way.

Humans are the weakest link when it comes to information security. Only through awareness training can you turn your weakness to your advantage.

As your business grows your information security evolves, enabling your growth whilst keeping you secure from evolving threats.

Identify Risks & Solutions


Policies To Support Your Security?

Internal Audit & Pseudo Information Security Officer

Once you understand the risks you’re in a better position to decide which solutions better fit your business.

Risk assessment is vital to the success of your security.

Accreditation to ISO27001 the international best practice standard for information security can be a fantastic sales enabler, provide stakeholders with a high degree of assurance on how your protecting their data.

It’s not just IT that protects your information, robust policies and processes to support your objectives are vital. We can help with those as well.

With a business to run, not everyone has the time, expertise or inclination to fully manage their information security. We can provide the internal audit or act as a pseudo information security officer, keeping your secure, allowing you to run your business.

Data Protection

Pseudo Data Protection Officer

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Privacy Impact Assessment

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Data Protection Audit

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Data Protection Strategy

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Data Protection Training

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Information Security

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Information Security and Data Protection are vital to any business, ever changing and can be complex, let i-Secured take the strain.

With the ever increasing risk to your information (cyber threats, insider threats, data protection law changes), having an external resource to provide your executive team the necessary tools to build an effective information governance and compliance strategy.


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